Lawn Care

Buying Garden Patio Furniture

When the weather permits, there is no better place to be than in the garden. Every garden should contain furniture of some sort to provide comfort and relaxation for when gardening chores take a back seat and idleness becomes the order of the day.

Your choice of garden furniture will be based on several considerations. Larger families will obviously need a fair amount of seating and table space for eating, as will more social folks who enjoy hosting regular barbecues during the summer.

Not everyone likes hot, direct sunlight so a garden furniture set that includes a parasol might be a good choice (to provide shelter from the rain in addition to shade depending on the British summer), or perhaps a swing seat that incorporates canopy. If you like a bargain, try and buy your garden furniture before spring when demand starts to rise sharply.

The look of your furniture is also important depending on the style of your garden. A plastic table and char set is perfect for the smaller domestic garden but may look out of place in a traditional rustic cottage garden. Plastic furniture does have its advantages though; it’s light, easy to store, won’t break easily and can be cleaned quickly.

Teak furniture looks good in the majority of gardens and is available in a huge range of styles and sizes, making it a very popular (and often good value for money) option. Teak can be left outside all year without any problems but will need re-oiling if you want to maintain the rich deep brown colour.

For the ultimate in comfort and easy storage, why not consider a hammock? If you’re lucky enough to have a couple of suitable trees in the garden, a hammock positioned under a leafy canopy will provide the most alluring of opportunities for drifting off during a hot summer. Even if you don’t have a natural fixing point, specially designed stands are available allowing you to position the hammock wherever you choose.