Machinery & Mowers

Strimmers and Brush Cutters

Strimmers (or line trimmers) utilize a spinning nylon cord to trim grass and vegetation around borders and other tight spaces that cannot be easily reached with a lawn mower. Some strimmers are fitted with two nylon cords for better performance. The cord is contained in a spool within the strimmer head and can be fed out as the cord wears. Some models do this automatically. Eventually, you will need to purchase a new spool of cord.

When choosing a strimmer, consider the size of the swathe head, i.e. the width of the cutting area. Smaller cutting swathes are more suitable for confined areas.

Electric and battery cordless strimmers

For most gardens, an electric strimmer is perfectly adequate. They are lightweight, quiet and available for under £25. However, unless you opt for a battery powered cordless strimmer the power cord will restrict movement in larger gardens.

If you’re looking for an electric strimmer, two ranges worthy of consideration are the Viking models which are made by German machinery experts Stihl, and the Bosch range.

Petrol Strimmers

For heavier work, or clearing large areas, a petrol strimmer or petrol brush cutteris more suitable. In addition to nylon cord, many can be fitted with different metal blades for tackling brambles, brush and small trees.

Two well respected brands of petrol driven strimmer are Honda and Kawasaki.

Multi purpose models can serve as hedge cutters, pruners, soil tillers and power brooms through the addition of various attachments. If you have a large garden to maintain, these models make perfect sense as you only need one engine to power a range of tools.

For really tough growth, consider a wheeled trimmer or a field and brush mower.

Always wear eye protection when using strimmers and take care when working near to shingle or stony ground as it’s very easy to break a window with flying debris.