Lawn Care

Topdressing Your Lawn

Lawn topdressing helps to even out minor undulations, break down thatch and improve drainage and tolerance to wear and tear. Spring and autumn are ideal times to top dress the lawn, however it can be carried out at any time as long as the grass is growing actively. It is important that the conditions and the materials are right, ie the grass should be dry to avoid the material sticking to the grass leaves and the topdressing itself should be dry so that it can be worked easily.

Start by mowing the lawn and carrying out any other maintenance required, such as spiking and lawn scarification to remove moss and thatch.

Spread the lawn topdressing as evenly as possible and work into the surface of the lawn with the back of a rake or a stiff brush. If the surface is uneven, adding extra top dressing will help to fill in low spots, but do not cover the grass completely.

It is also a good idea to add a high quality grass seed to the topdressing to help fill in any thin or bare areas in the lawn, particularly if the lawn has also been scarified.

Recommend rates of lawn topdressing application:

  • Spring & Autumn – up to 3 litres per m² (approx 4kg/m²).
  • Summer – up to 1.5 litres per m² (approx 2kg/m²).

Once you have finished topdressing, there should be no obvious clumps of topdressing on the surface and the grass should be clearly visible. A good shower of rain or watering the lawn (when you have finished) will put the finishing touches to the task.

The lawn should not be cut immediately after applying topdressing, as this will remove some of the material that you are trying to work into the surface and may cause unnecessary wear to your mower.

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